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Supreme Oktoberfest

The Supreme Court’s 2010 term began today, the first Monday in October. The justices reconvened this morning to issue orders and hear oral arguments. To follow along, click over to SCOTUSblog, where their team is live-blogging this morning’s events.

While looking forward to this term, which marks the first time the Court has three female justices, below are links to Supreme Court-related posts from the 2009 term:

John P. Elwood’s What Were They Thinking: The Supreme Court in Revue, October Term 2009

Silent Justice,” about Justice Clarence Thomas’ ongoing silence during oral arguments

Elections United?,” about the Court’s Citizens United decision. Related, see this preview of FCC v. AT&T, a case in the 2010 term that follows up on the idea of corporate personhood.

A Typical Case of American Blind Justice?,” about judicial diversity

Secret Ballots and Certain Named and Unnamed Citizen-Legislators,” about the Court’s Doe v. Reed decision

Judicially Speaking, Cut the #$*@%!,” about the Court’s FCC v. Fox decision

No Justice is an Island,’ about Justice Elena Kagan’s nomination

Like last year, I aim to write about decisions that raise interesting issues relevant to the sorts of questions and topics usually covered here.


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