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Scurrd Ferguson

August 31, 2014 1 comment



  • What is the status of the rule of law, as applied, in America?
  • What is the proper role of the media in a developing event?
  • How useful is metajournalism, embedded in or in parallel with the journalistic reporting of a story?
  • Should the government treat journalists differently than other citizens?
  • Who decides whether someone is a journalist?
  • What are a journalist’s obligations, and to whom is a journalist obligated?
  • Is Twitter (et al.) an illuminating or distorting tool?
  • Of what are the ongoing events in Ferguson, Missouri representative?
  • How useful is it to frame the Ferguson conflict in the context of post-9/11/11 Homeland Security grants and The War On Drugs, at least as concerns the militarization of ostensibly civilian police units?
  • Is there a point at which an authority’s responsive reactions are so disproportionately incongruous and internally and externally illogical as to surpass the point of illustrative usefulness for conveying current understanding and future change?
  • Is there a point at which a right to “loot” arises?
  • Is non-instigative looting an important focal point in understanding the dynamics of a broader event?
  • Are police properly charged with the task of the protection of private property, and, if so, how should they prioritize conflicting private and public rights?
  • Where is Darren Wilson?
  • For whom is the criminal justice system?
  • What would it mean to resolve the current conflict in Ferguson, Missouri?


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